How to Read Your Water Meter

Leak detection is incredibly important and is something that every single Redlands, Brisbane & Gold Coast home owner should be aware of, but the reality is, not enough individuals that own a house do regular checks to make sure that they do not have any leaks that they cannot see.
The fact that it is so easy to check whether you have a leak or not is all the more reason to check if you have any leaks, which can be done by doing a simple test with your water meter. Here is how to check and read your water meter, in order to determine if you have a leak somewhere in the piping system of your home, which could be dripping in the walls or leaking under the slab and causing all sorts of problems.

Reading the Meter

You may want to do a little bit of research if you are a new home owner or have never read a water meter before, although it is very basic. The water meter basically shows you how much water you have used over a given period of time and is usually located somewhere outside the house on the side of the home.
You might also want to check with the manufacturer if you cannot figure out how to read the meter or understand it properly, but this is not something that is likely to happen.

Conduct a Test

The easiest way to tell if you have a leak in your home is to shut off every tap in the home. After you are sure that every single tap is turned off, you can be certain that your water meter should stay at the same spot, without increasing at all. You can either write down the number on the water meter, or you can simply snap a picture of the meter to let you know where it was at. After about thirty minutes, you can come back and check the meter. If the meter has gone up, you have a leak. If the meter has remained the same, you are in the clear.

Calling a Leak Detection Company

If you perform a leak detection test and discover that you are have a leak, it is absolutely imperative that you take care of the situation as soon as you possibly can. Leaks can cost a massive amount of money and rack up tens of thousands of dollars in damages very quickly, so this is something to take very seriously.

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