Like all industry’s there are the great and …….the not so great. Leak detection is no different.
So how do you find the right one? Keep on reading to find out how to pick the right Leak Detection Specialist for your leak.

When choosing the a Leak Detection Company there are a few things to consider.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Not all company’s carry all the necessary equipment to locate the tough leaks. Your local plumber may carry a basic ground microphone which in some cases may be adequate, but what if your leak is under concrete and you live on a busy road. That equipment will not locate your leak. You might as well just start digging holes and that is what some plumbers do……

The equipment your professional leak detection specialist should carry:
Adjustable Ground Microphones that can cut out different noises to focus specifically on the leak
A device that can trace your water line – this is a must! Must be able to track Poly Pipe and Copper
A gas tracer system – Very Important also – can be used if the leak is very small or the environment is noisy. Also great to get confirmation on the area after the initial location using the ground microphones especially if your about to cut up someones driveway.
Experience is a Must
This is perhaps more of an obvious one when looking at finding the right person for the job. Not all leak detectors are plumbers nor do they have to be. Why not ask how long they have been locating leaks or perhaps ask if you can call a past customer..Why not. Like all industry’s it can be hit and miss. If your plumber is a leak detector specialist, chances are they will be able to Find and fix, which can be helpful. This would save you the time and hassle of finding another plumber to fix the problem. On that note, you need a plumber to fix the problem so you can make a claim from your local council to get some money back from your water bill.


There can be some big differences in price when it comes to leak detection. It is a specialist industry. So what is a good price? Well, that is the question. Expect to pay a minimum of $200 per hr. If it is less, they may not carry the necessary equipment. The right equipment is very costly to purchase and maintain so realistically that is the start price. The average time spent tracking a leak is between 1hr – 1.5hrs (residential) and 1 – 3hrs for commercial. Obviously it depends on a few factors. Size of property, location of water line but it is a rough guide. I guess you can look at it this way; Pay a plumber to start digging holes @ $85 per hr (hopefully not thru concrete – as that’s another expense) or pay a professional to find it efficiently with the minimum of damage. There are some company’s around that offer a no find – no pay and some offer a capped pricing structure. Something to consider.

So Where to From Here

The best advice is to do your research – ask for a quote and remember the cheapest price may not be the best choice and the most expensive price may not be the best service. Check their equipment and experience and of course price. Once you have all the info you can make an educated choice.

Clear View Plumbing has all the equipment to find your leak – no matter how small or big. We Carry all the equipment. We offer a NO FIND – NO PAY Policy – We Guarantee to locate your leak or you don’t pay.

We are also licensed plumbers and can provide all the required forms to claim back some monies from the local council to meet the concealed leak policy. No matter if your in Brisbane, Bayside, Redlands or the Gold Coast, We are ready to help. PH: 1300 416 728