Buyer Beware or Seller Tell All

It has been in the media of late about the current potentially outdated system of ‘Buyer Beware’ when it comes to buying/selling a house. There has been a push for the rules to change to a ‘seller tell all’ system. Either way, it is important to get all the facts and take responsibilty for your own purchase. It is all too a famililar story of how a family has bought a lemon and now is in a real pickle as the repairs for there dream house is breaking the bank.

What does surprise me is that 61 % of home buyers do not do adequet checks/inspections when purchasing a home. Sounds crazy when you consider it is one of the largest purchases for most people.
Weather you are for or against the current system of buyer beware it is important to get all the facts.

One fact is that a standard building /pest inspection does not give you all the information. So how can you be an educated shopper? One aspect of a home which is regularly overlooked is the houses plumbing infrastructure. Did you know that having an ongoing tree roots problem can cost you thousands per year. And to fix such a problem can run into the many thousands once you take into account the costs to fix and repair.
There is a simple and cost effectiive way to get the answers – Get a Pre-purchase Plumbing Report by a Licenced Professional Plumber.

A comprehensive report will cover all areas of the plumbing of your potential new home or investment property.
Age of Hot water system, condition of tapware, condition of pipework, full drain inspection completed with CCTV Camera, Water pressure, condition of stormwater drain..etc etc –

If your a buyer, knowing all the facts can provide you with comfort that you know what your buying. If there are areas that need attention, you will have the reports to go back to the seller and have them recitify or re-negotiate the price. if your a seller, why not get ahead of the game and provide all the facts to your buyers. They will appreciate the transparency and will make the process alot smoother and perhaps more profitable.

If you are in the Brisbane, Gold Coast or surrounding areas and want to be in the top 39% of educated buyers, Clear View Plumbing can help with a “Inspect My Pipes’ Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection. We provide comprehensive reports and recordings/images of your underground plumbing systems to make sure you get a Clear View. Be sure to go to: and send thru a job request. Alternativey give us a call on 1300 416 728 to discuss your requirments.