We have been clearing drains in Brisbane, Logan City, and the Redlands for over 20 years so we understand what is involved to get your Blocked Water drain flowing again if it becomes clogged. We specialize in drains so we always have a solution to permanently fix your Storm Water or Sewer Drains from ever blocking again. Since summer is just around the corner, lets discuss storm water drains.

In our experience, we’ve seen two primary causes of blocked drains regarding your storm water pipes.

The first reason is because of tree roots intruding in to your external drainage systems. This is often the case with aged earthenware pipes but can also cause damage to newer PVC pipes. When it comes to unblocking stormwater pipes, we also often find they have been installed incorrectly usually due to shortcuts taken by the current or previous property owners who have taken a short cut and not had the pipes installed by a qualified plumber. In these instances, tree roots can often intrude through poorly installed joints and once the tree roots have intruded in to your stormwater drains, they will continue to keep invading no matter how you go about clearing the blockage.

The second way your stormwater drains clog up is due to lack of maintenance to the grates around your property. In heavy rain, they can become clogged with debris that washing through and becomes lodged and blocked inside the pipes.

If you are worried your drains wont be ready for the summer storms why not have them checked out by a professional. Clear View Plumbing can not only unblock and clean your drains but we can also provide video and still images for future reference. www.clearviewplumbing.net.au